Monday, January 18, 2010

How to use Google's URL Shortener Service,

This post is not about pushing down your throat the importance of URL shorteners in the era of the Twitter. This post is also not about Sarah Palin.

Everyone who used know how to easy it is to use. Just bump into and shorten your URL. Recently the all mighty Google launched its own URL shortening service called But you can't really go on and start using it right away. In fact if you try doing it, it spits something like,

Google URL Shortener is currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use.

But if you are like me, who would like to use Google and only Google for their online work (may be out of trust, Google brand or simply 'Google' the word sounds cool... choose your options) there is a silver lining. Well since I said I mostly use Google for my online presence, needless to say I use Google Chrome browser too. The Chrome browser recently got a feature it was lacking badly when compared to Mozilla Firefox. Extensions! But not any more. You can have lots of goodies stuffed inside your Chrome browser pretty much like Firefox.

So coming back to URL Shorteners, there is this nice Chrome extension that I found called, url shortener. The screenshot below explains pretty much rest of the stuff.

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