Sunday, December 6, 2009

Web Community Photoshops a Happy Memory [PICS]

Web Community Photoshops a Happy Memory [PICS]: "

Reddit community member elmstreeter’s mother passed away this week, and yesterday he turned to the social news site to create a photographic memento: his last photo with his mom had her breathing tubes obscuring her face, and he wanted them removed. He wrote in a posting to the site:

My mother died of cancer yesterday. This is the last picture of us together and I wondered if anyone with mad Photoshop skills could touch up the picture and remove the oxygen cannula. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could be of assistance.

PS Hug your mom today

Touchingly, Reddit users did come to his aid, Photoshopping out the tubes and even fixing up a broken chair.

This might be the sweetest story we’ve heard all week. Nice work, Reddit users.



[via Reddit via The Daily What]


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