Thursday, July 23, 2009

Google Wave and Sun Grid Engine

Google Wave caught my attention after the story got slashdotted. In case you are already not aware of the waves Google is making, I strongly suggest to go through this video before reading any further. Make sure you stay on that video till it finishes, You won't regret.

This seems to be enough reason for more chairs flying out of Redmond offices.

The whole demo above in that video I watched with my jaws dropping till floor. Initially it seemed as if, big deal? another web 2.0 crap trying to make its way through already over hyped market. But as the demo progresses you start to realize that you are dealing with someone who knows what are they up to better than most of the industry.

While watching the demo on Wave Extensions something struck my mind. I started wondering what if someone writes SGE wave rebot. Imagine...

  • A typical cluster user creates a Wave and adds SGE rebot in that Wave.
  • This SGE rebot is running on master node of the cluster, probably the same system on which Wave Server is also running. Having your Wave Server running on master server makes a lot of sense instead of hosting it somewhere outside of cluster. Why send all the XML detlas that are created from Wave Client when an event takes place to some outside server?
  • A SGE Wave rebot then presents a form in that wave for authentication on master node.
  • A cluster user can submit a job to a cluster using the SGE robot.
  • A SGE Admin or cluster user can see the status of the cluster in that Wave.
  • The best part of using Wave is Collaboration. Users can share and collaborate the results without duplicating them. One can use other robots like 'Graphy' to analyze results and share them instantly.
  • There could be assistant robot which can deploy cluster on cloud right from the wave and submit the jobs.
  • Even the main cluster status page can be a Wave itself, which can be shared with users, blogs and or even on tweeter.
To Understand how all this can be achieved watch the video below,

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